The Company RED BETON TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. based in Campogalliano ( MO) Italy, was established in 2013, acquiring all of OCMER’s physical assets, technical knowledge, experience and know-how, intellectual property, business connections and professional staff as well as the Ocmer trade mark ownership.

OCMER S.r.l. has been operating since 1969 in the design and construction of quality equipment used in the production of concrete as well as equipment for making premixed factory mortar, ceramic, fertilizers, adhesives and general equipment for the dosing and mixing of raw materials.

Early adoption of technological innovations led to OCMER S.r.l. being recognized as the first Italian company to use 3D Computer Aided Design and computerised management for design and production of concrete plant equipment. This ability allowed the company to be a leader in markets throughout the world, positioning itself among the leading national and international manufacturers.

The current corporate structure of the company RED BETON TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. was planned to give the maximum flexibility and operational readiness, which better meets today’s market requirements. Since 2013, this has paid off, with increased volume of concrete batch plant business in Italy and the rest of the world.

Today RED BETON TECHNOLOGY ‘s range of products offers complete solutions for production of every type of concrete, from small mobile plants used on temporary construction sites to large installations servicing the most important civil engineering projects. Furthermore, all concrete plants comply with the latest safety, dust control and noise abatement regulations. The company also provides solutions for cleaning of truck mixers and reclaiming aggregates from returned concrete, which otherwise would be wasted. This gives the double advantage of recycling raw materials and water, eliminating disposal problems.

Customisable automation gives total management of the production cycle: computer software for automatic printing of delivery receipts, handling of raw materials and orders, product pricing, invoicing, management and accounting. An accurate and reliable control system interacts with the production management system to meet the needs of certified, high-quality concrete production.

We offer fast and professional technical assistance, utilising highly qualified staff to give quick and specific answers to service problems. During erection of new plants and any subsequent service, the appropriate technicians with relevant experience are selected from our experienced staff.

In awareness of the customer’s need for prompt action on failed parts, fast delivery and after-sales service is our goal. To provide replacements for the older generation batching plants, we have dedicated some of our resources exclusively for this purpose. Requests are handled on the day they are received and shipping is arranged to meet the customer’s schedule. Hundreds of standard parts are available from stock and in the case of older plants, if the requested component is not available, an interchangeable item with the same performance will be found. Our files containing original drawings and manuals for the equipment supplied over many years enables us to identify the best replacements, allowing us to avoid customer down-time and lost revenue.