For truck-mixer loading point
Suction and treatment plants for cement dust forming during truck-mixer loading operations, they can be fitted on any type of new or existing batching plant.
They can be positioned on the ground to facilitate installation and maintenance or in raised positions.

For cement silos
These cement filters for silos are ideal during pneumatic loading operations from tank trucks to storage silos.

For special applications
A wide range of models means the right type of filter can be applied to any specific location.
From small filters for cement batching unit air vents to suction filters to be fitted on concrete mixers.

All our filters are approved by competent authorities.


The concrete recycling system called Ecoval is used for reclaiming unused concrete or residues from truck-mixer and pump washing water.
It offers the dual advantage of reclaiming aggregates and the possibility to re-use the water for making new concrete or for washing the truck-mixers and so reduces the consumption of clean water as well as the production of effluent and special waste.


Systems for loading aggregates from the ground level eliminate the need to build ramps for feeding the silos as this traditional solution is sometimes impractical. They are essentially divided in two types of systems: swinging or translating, according to the operation method of belt conveyors.

OCMER Impianti has always been attentive to technological innovations that can be applied to the sector and was one of the first companies to introduce computerised plant management. Nowadays our batching and concrete plants can be controlled in an extremely precise, flexible and reliable way.

Control software
The range of control software and equipment for batching and concrete plants has now become extensive and offers the possibility to choose the best suited model to match the needs of each customer. They are based on PC or PLC according to the intended level of complexity and flexibility:
from automation of small and medium size plants, with direct loading into truck-mixer or mixer, to the complete control of the most complex plant.

The main characteristic of our software systems is that they are easy to use. Indeed a good automation system implies an interface that is easy to use so as to reduce the training period for the personnel in charge of running the plant: the user friendly graphic interface makes interaction easy to make and learn for the operator.
Our systems are powerful and exhaustive; they include sophisticated diagnostic and operation log utilities, infinite possibilities of control and interfacing with databases, management software, etc. as well as remote control and tele-assistance functions.
Another important feature is the application of weighing systems with load cells that can be approved against reference measurements.
All the equipment has been designed and built to work in heavy conditions that are typical of work sites and production units and so offer sturdiness and reliability as well as control accuracy that match expectations.

Control and adjustment
Batching and concrete plants have greatly evolved over time and this has been made possible by applying a series of instruments that have improved performance.
Present day supplies include:
  • Electronic weighing system incorporating a display instrument and load cells, that can be approved by the Standard Measurement Office.
  • Humidity sensors to detect the humidity contained in the aggregates used for the production of concrete and related equipment to make the necessary compensations to water and aggregates in order to comply with the requisites of plasticity.
  • Level indicators to be used inside hoppers, silos and all containers in general.
  • Batching units for additives with weight or volume control system. They have become indispensible for the production concrete to designated standards.
  • Electronic and mechanical litre counters to be used also when the recycled water is being re-used.
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