The Company OCMER Impianti has been operating for 40 years in the sectors of raw material batching, concrete mixing as well as ecological plants.
This consolidated experience has enabled the company to be present on markets all over the world, ranking among leading companies both at national and international levels. OCMER Impianti is able to produce every type of plants that are typically used for the production of concrete as well as pre-packaged mortar, ceramics, fertilizers, binders and dosing of bulk raw materials in general.
The OCMER Impianti range of products dedicated to the production of concrete allows infinite solutions that are purposely designed and vary from small mobile plants, used in temporary work sites up to large plants serving major civil engineering works.

Particularly attentive to technological innovations pertaining to the sector, OCMER Impianti has been one of the first companies to apply computer-based systems of management to complete concrete plants as well as batching and mixing plants.
Nowadays automation systems are available in many different versions, including the possibility to integrate customised features; to fully control the production cycle, they may also be equipped with dedicated software for automatic billing, for managing raw materials, orders and price lists, invoicing as well as management control and accounts.
OCMER plants now offer the possibility to operate controls in an extremely precise and reliable way, in full compliance with the "production control management systems" required for certified concrete products.

As far as Engineering is concerned, OCMER Impianti was the first company operating in this sector in Italy to adopt CAD systems.
This has always meant that customers can get accurate projects right from the first presentation, thus avoiding approximations.
In this way the plant is already defined in details during the offer definition phase, ensuring customers that the plant solution will match what they are going to order, both from the point of view of the production cycle and the logistics of their own job sites.

Special attention is devoted to the environment and its safeguard; that is why our batching and concrete units are equipped with efficient dust and noise treatment plants. As a result our plants comply with the strictest threshold values. Thanks to our wide range of fabric filters, customers are sure to make the right choice to match the area to be treated.

The use of adequate solutions in the field of recycling, i.e. Ecocal technology, also makes it possible to reclaim aggregates from unused concrete batches or from the truck-mixers washing process, that would otherwise be wasted: this has the dual advantage of recycling raw materials and water as well as avoiding the production of special waste.

In terms of batching and concrete mixing equipment, Ocmer supply includes:
  • Mobile or semi-mobile batching plants, Central loading batching plants, Twin loading point batching plants with simultaneous operation;
  • Heavy-duty batching and mixing plants; Batching and mixing plants with continuous cycle for cement or RCC mixes in mobile, semi-mobile or stationary versions.

In terms of mixing equipment, Ocmer supply includes:
TWIN SHAFT mixers; PLANETARY mixers; Systems for the addition of mixers into batching only plants that are already operational.